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Preeminent factors why the trucks and other commercial vehicles breakdown:

Breakdowninc Towing and Recovery Services

The owners of logistic companies and owner-operators spend massive amounts of money on the maintenance of their fleet of trucks. Maintenance usually requires dedicated and proactive planning. The owners all across the nation are notably reviewing online for prominent reasons for the failure of machinery on the road

The factors listed in this article can remarkably mitigate the issues of truck breakdown.

1. Battery Malfunction:

The most common factor for the semi-truck breakdown is battery malfunction. The low or dead batteries often result in the breakdown of trucks on the road. It becomes very difficult in the colder regions for the drivers to power up their dead batteries. The batteries of trucks have a lifespan of 2-5 years, so it is mandatory to get the battery of the truck's changed timely.

2. Engine Breakdown:

The breakdown of engines in the busy road is a very serious contingency situation. Usually, the engine breakdown is caused due to the issues of overheating. The overheating does not allow the engine to function optimally. It is always recommended to get the cooling systems timely checked from the prominent truck repair shops . The mechanics ensure whether the engines don't have any leaks or problems with fans or water pumps. The mechanics also clear up the clogged radiators.

3. Flat Tires:

One of the major reasons for the breakdown of trucks is flat tires. It is very important to maintain flat tires. Before taking a trip, the drivers must ensure tire pressure levels; tread depth, or any sidewall damages. The studies have shown that underinflation is one of the principal reasons for tire rundown. The tires with less pressure often result in the accumulation of excessive heat in the sidewall.

4. Transmission Problem:

If there is a sudden blowout in the engine, and the engine does not start at once and if there is a rundown sound, it might be an indication of transmission failure. The transmissions of power units must be checked and serviced regularly by trusted truck repair shops. The transmissions should be oiled in regular intervals, as it significantly reduces the stress and rusting mechanisms on the vehicle's transmission system.

5. Brake Issues:

Almost 20-30% of truck accidents are caused due to brake issues. The brake issues are caused due to the continuous exposure of friction and pressure on the drums of the disc brakes. If the drums and discs of the brakes are not serviced regularly, they will never function optimally and they will eventually wear out. It is necessary to get the brake pads, rotators and fluid levels checked regularly. The fluids and oiled parts must be checked and serviced by the fleet-specified experts.


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