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You may have frequently seen the 24-hour towing service providers in your location when you are driving around. And you may have also observed that they convey the similar idea of towing your vehicle away if you are stuck with an accident or confronting a breakdown. If you have utilized a truck towing service nearby recently then you must have a little understanding about the towing business. Let us share some of the amazing things that you must know about 24 hour towing services providers near you can offer. We wish for your safe journey but when you are on the roads, you should always be prepared for any kind of emergencies that you can face at the moment. It is also possible that you may not find the towing services companies on the go, we recommend choosing our assisting partner to help you find the best roadside assistance that you need.

With Breakdown Inc. app, you can search 24 hours towing services near you in just one click. Select your options for the city of your current location and you are nearly done! We ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the local service provider so that you can keep calm and relax. Our online search tool can deliver the utmost precise results about the towing service providers near your location.

So we are just a click away, no matter where you are and what kind of repair services you need for your truck. The roadside assistance services like truck repair shops, trailer repair shops, reefer repair shops and much more are easiest to find with our search tool. We ensure that the service providers are all well-trained and very much professional. Our app has a user-friendly interface so no matter if you are a pro or a noob at technology, it is easy to start with the app and understand how to use it.


There are so many methods available for towing a vehicle but not all are reliable, convenient and safe. Let's discuss the types of truck towing options available and accessible. Mostly, all of our assistance providers use modern technology and are adequately equipped with specialized tools and machinery which are used to provide cheap and affordable towing services to truck operators.


The hook and chain method is the most traditional technique of towing a truck. As the name suggests, the tow truck is a truck that is used to move heavy goods with the help of hooks and chains. There is still room for this type of towing nearby but it is fetching to be less common.


In this kind of limited towing, the tow truck gear goes underneath the wheels of the truck and with the support of hydraulics, highs the truck off the ground. They then use a hard metal yoke to pull the vehicle close. It has developed the preferred method of towing for most wants as it is much less expected to cause any vehicle harm.


One of the safest and finest ways for transportation trucks is on the flatbed truck. In this method, the heavy loads are placed on the flatbed truck with utmost ease and ensured body warranty of the goods. In some cases, it is required if you have any wrecked axle or multiple wheel harm for example. It is also used for brand new or luxurious cars or trucks that need to be transported long distance. It is fast, safe and reliable method for towing.


The simplest way of towing a truck is with a tow bar attached from one vehicle to another with towing ropes. Towing ropes are used in a similar style which attaches the towing vehicle to the vehicle which is to be towed and then pulled along.


Tow dollies are attached to the back of the truck and hold up the drive wheels of a vehicle, a few inches above the ground. Anybody attempting to use a tow dolly should be familiar with towing trailers or second-party vehicles. This type of towing service is generally used for light and medium-duty vehicles and can also be used for moving small trucks.


Large buses, caravans, trucks, trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles are towed only by specialized vehicles. Heavy-duty tow trucks are generally used, with the type of truck depending on the load. Some heavy-duty tow trucks use methods similar to the flatbed towing while others use wheel-lift principles. These activities require highly-trained professional expertise.


Many tow truck service providers also deliver carriage of motorbikes, boats, and other watercraft. They will safely transfer it to your neighboring local destination. If you require support such as these, download our mobile application Breakdown Inc which helps you out with 24-hour towing service, truck repair shops, trailer repair shop, and reefer repair shop near you.


Towing services require specialized trucks and equipment to ensure the harmless delivery of the goods. Not all residential towing companies own these kinds of equipment.


Most of the residential towing companies deliver only day time services. But emergencies can arise any time, even in the dark as well. So it is important that the service providers must be available 24/7 365, to help you out when and where you require it the most.


Our app provides auto repair options usually in a nearby shop. Where possible, they might be able to assist you in getting the truck going again wherever you are stuck, avoiding the need to tow the vehicle.


The tow truck business drivers are expert and skilled specialists and as long as a 24-hour service with specialized equipment and expert operator seems to charge money. It is significant to discuss average charges and any additional charges with the towing near you, if possible, in advance, beforehand you require them in any kind of emergency. This technique, you will distinguish what to expect.


Emergency Towing:

Sometimes you may find yourself in the state of emergency like punctured tires or broken keys that may require on the spot towing service and assistance at your location.

Accident Recovery Towing:

Although we wish that accidents do not happen however if you find yourself in a situation where you need towing and wrecking services, we make sure to provide you with the right technicians and their assistance so that your vehicle can get the timely repair.

Long-Distance Towing: :

Long-distance hauling is provided by all benefactors listed with us. So if you don't want a local tow, and would like to go for a long-distance towing, we are here to help you.


Our mobile application is available on all platforms like Play Store for Android users and Apple Stores for IOS users. For further details visit us on our website and social media platforms. Breakdown Inc. is happy to help when you need us the most. Right from finding the best towing and wrecker services near you, making sure the tow truck reaches you on time, to smooth and efficient towing without any further damage to your cargo, we are a one-stop solution to all that you would need at the time of an unprecedented failure in your truck or commercial vehicle.


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