Reefer Repair Shops

Breakdowninc Reefers Repair shops

Reefer repair companies moved and deliver temperature-controlled goods all across the world. Reefer repair shops keep item cold during transportation .It includes a wide range of services like as a repair and manage all transport refrigeration accessories including truck, trailer container along with cab- air conditioning.

Typically reefer trailers come in usual lengths between 28 and 53 feet and do not pass 13.5 feet in height. The load on a reefer truck should nevermore pass 44,000 pounds.

Alternatively, for smaller quantities of temperature-controlled goods, refrigerated vans and runners can be used in your near locations.

So there are many companies in the US which are providing all the information and services about Reefer stores and which are specialized in repair and maintenance services to refrigeration units which are fixed on seagoing containers, trucks and trailers.

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