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Towing And Wrecker Services

Get Efficient Towing and Wrecker Services Anywhere in the USA

A smooth and uninterrupted journey is every driver's dream, but some times all dreams don't come true. As long as there would be vehicles on the road, accidents and mechanical failures will continue to take place. And the first possible action any body would want to take in case of such a breakdown is to get the auto vehicle to the nearest truck repair shop with the help of towing services, which makes sense but what about a case where the malfunction takes place in the middle of a barren area, with limited resources available? Sometimes these breakdowns are so severe that an immediate quick action might not help. Finding the best towing services and wrecker services nearby can be a hefty task and we understand the work involved, Breakdown Inc. is that platform which brings you one step closer to the resolution of your problem & helps you to find nearby truck repair shops, trailer, reefer repair and tire shops, towing service and wrecker service near me ,etc.

Breakdown Inc. is happy to help when you need us the most.Right from finding the best towing and wrecking services near you, making sure the tow truck reaches you on time, to smooth and efficient towing without any further damage to your cargo, we are a one-stop solution to all that you would need at the time ofan unprecedented failure in your truck or commercial vehicle.

Types of towing services offered by our service provider:

Keeping in mind the specific requirements of different vehicles,we offer a variety of towing services and wrecking services, each using different equipment. Here’s a list of few types of services that you would end up choosing from while looking for the best towing and wrecking services around you:


One of the most traditional methods of towing services, the process of this type of towing involves fixing the vehicle with aheavy hook to be able to pull it upwards with a chain and finallyon to the wrecker. While this type of towing remains one of the most commonly used methods, but if not done carefully, it might cause damage to the vehicle being towed.


This method of towing is comparatively more recommended and popular nowadays. The process involves the use of hydraulics with the help of which the tow truck equipment is pushed beneath the wheels of the affected vehicle, ultimately lifting it above the ground. This is followed by the use of a solid metal-yoke which pulls the vehicle nearer. Thus, a safer towing service near you togo for


While in some severe cases like multiple wheel damage, Flatbed method of towing becomes an absolute necessity, in some it is chosen out of its highly recommended nature as in the present day this is the best form of towing services and wrecker services available nearby. The entire vehicle is carefully and safely placed on a flatbed leaving no chance of further damage. It is the safestand the most suitable option for towing trucks and other commercial vehicles for a long distance.

Our role in finding the best towing and wrecking services near me.

Breakdown Inc. comes in the picture for you while you are inunpleasant situations of an unseen breakdown. On one hand,where it's the most sensible and well-known theory stating adriver must always be prepared for any failure or unexpected haltin the journey, most do not equip them selves with adequate resources. So in case you happen to be one of those who didn'tsee this adverse situation coming your way, and you need toresort to finding the best towing services and wrecking services near you, we are just one download away. Breakdown Inc. application is readily available on Android and IOS operating systems with an easy user interface which lets you find your towing & wrecker service provider within no time.

What makes us better than the rest?

Apart from providing apt and most relevant results to your search results and proving immediate roadside assistance all across the States, there are some USPs that let Breakdown Inc. have an edgeover other alternates available. Check these out:


Our motive is to assist wherever and whenever you need it, andso our assistance providers are available 24/7 365 days. So, the next time you look up for best "towing service near me" we are here to ensure that there is no such thing as unavailability.


We break the common perception of towing services near me being expensive as our service providers would charge you a pocket-friendly amount. Keeping in view the standard charges, the extra service charges applicable are reasonable enough for you to not regret contacting us.


Our app provides auto repair options usually in a nearby shop. Where possible, they might be able to assist you in getting the truck going again where ever you are stuck, avoiding the need to tow the vehicle. If the problem cannot be sorted out on the scene,they can tow your vehicle back to their local auto shop and have it repaired there.


Our service providers use specialized equipment, vehicles, and techniques unlike, most local tow companies.

Get in touch for the best towing and wrecker service near me.

There is a lot more to towing services and wrecking services than you might think but weoffer a wide range of options and additional services. Contact us today for fetching support regarding any breakdown issues and get a reliable tow truck sent right to you.