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Top Truck Safety Tips 2022

Top Truck Safety Tips

The breakdown of commercial vehicles leads to an immense loss of time and monetary resources. If the commercial vehicles are unable to function properly the clients are supposed to wait longer for deliveries and therefore, the customers and manufacturers lose quality production time. The safety of CMV drivers and equipment is also one of the problems that become an issue. It is very important for truck drivers to know how to handle breakdown truck situations efficiently.

Roadside Safety Tips from Breakdown INC

The breakdown of heavy CMV vehicles cannot be predicted so it is better not to panic when stuck on the side of the road. Therefore, when waiting for assistance it is better to know how to protect yourself and the vehicle on the road.

Leave the Road

When there is an issue with the truck. It is better to find a safe place for stopping which might be an open area or an emergency breakdown lane. One of the most important things is to get away from the traffic so that the other vehicles can safely get past the malfunctioned vehicle. Leaving the road to a safe spot will help the traffic continue as regular. It will help in minimizing the risk and you can receive roadside assistance faster.

Visibility of the truck

When the truck is not on the road, it should be parked in a way that is clearly visible to the ongoing traffic. You can turn on the parking and hazard lights for better visibility. You must also safely place the red warning triangles. Such measures will support you in alerting other drivers and it will become easier to locate you.

Carefully leave your truck

When you have parked the truck and when you leave it, you should be very careful and must leave from the passenger side so you can avoid the traffic. If you do not feel safe, while leaving the truck, stay inside with your seatbelt on. If in case the engine of the truck starts smoking, you must get away from the vehicle and immediately call 911 to alert the fire department.

Call Emergency Breakdown Service

You must safely call emergency roadside assistance after the breakdown vehicle. Call your dispatcher and convey all the information about the incident along with your current location, this way they will support you in arranging technicians or emergency towing service promptly.

Stay away from the road

One of the biggest safety problems in case of a truck breakdown is a collision with the passing traffic. It is better to conveniently park the vehicle far away from the road. Therefore, you must get far away from the road, because standing next to the truck will result in a dangerous situation.

Wait for the arrival of emergency assistance

Even if the risk is minor, before trying to attempt any repairs, you must wait for the professional emergency assistance to arrive on the incident. For such situations, there is breakdown app for every of your needs from truck towing to repairing services available 24x7.You should not ask for help from ongoing drivers, because it can lead to more fatalities.

The roadside assistance crews possess adequate tools, knowledge, and expertise to get your truck safely back on road.

If you are placing, you must place them in accordance with the recommended distances:

  • You must place the warning triangles on the left-hand side of the vehicle.
  • If you have a light truck, you must place the warning triangle for 50-100 m in the front and behind.
  • If you have a heavy truck (GVM of 12 tons or more) the warning triangles must be placed for 200-250m in the front and behind and at the side of the rear of the truck.

The scenario of the breakdown is always different and it depends on the cause and situation of the incident. Therefore, if you are apprehensive about the situation, you must proceed with caution and inform the civil authorities like the police and fire department if it is a potentially hazardous situation. Most of the causes of breakdown can be reduced with proper and adequate maintenance of the vehicle.


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